Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tool #8 - Looking at the Tools

Netbooks - Netbook computers for my classroom...yay!  They will be equipped with Windows 7, so I will have to learn the different looks/features so I am up to speed with what the kids are using.  They will also have webcams which will make collaboration and projects much more within reach.

IPads - I have never used an IPad, but am hoping it is easy to use, like my IPhone.  I know that I will have to put my classroom webpage in an app.  I found ideas for appropriate apps for the IPads I will be receiving.  Unfortunately, I will have to create a new account in ITunes for Spring Branch, even though I already have an existing ITunes account.

Management - It will be interesting to try and figure out a way to utilize the small amount of IPads and Netbooks (8 total) when I have over 30 kids in a room.  I worry about keeping them working and in tact.  I think technology contracts for the classroom will be a must to hold the kids accountable.  Even though the challenges seem to be many, I am excited to get these items in my room.

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