Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool #7 - Collaboration

The students will collaborate with Mrs. Ammon's 12th grade classrooms using Skype concerning ideas  for their persuasive research paper.  As papers are started at the beginning of the semester, the project would need to be done as soon as students came back from Winter Break. They will have the chance to share topics/current ideas for their assignment.   Skype and Google Docs will be utilized.

The Plan:
Before Skyping another classroom, we will discuss current issues that are suitable for argumentative topics.  We will use the LRC to research this information and place topics in Google Docs.   Mrs. Ammon's 12th grade classroom will be contacted to discuss those topics which are the most suitable and have the easiest, most credible information to access.   Since the opposing side will have to be acknowledged in the paper, we will also need to discuss the different opinions. From there, we will listen to their opinions and form a list of subjects which are acceptable on the 12th grade level.  Finally, students will type a response paper to one topic.

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