Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tool #10 - Digital Citizenship

Students need to understand how to be good digital citizens. Even with our anti-plagiarism website, plagiarism is, unfortunately, a huge problem. They need to find credible resources and give them proper credit. We also have problems with kids using random blogs as credible sources...NO! (Ha, note the irony of me bashing blogging!) They also need to learn to NOT share too much about themselves.

I think both of our research papers would be excellent units to utilize the ideas of digital citizenship. I will probably use the ActiveBoard to present the material to students. The Atomic website would aid in this, too.

"Teaching" the idea of digital citizenship to students would actually fit in nicely in both the first and second semesters. Since we are compiling research papers, I would use the ActiveBoard to show different websites, both credible and not, to illustrate how to determine what is valid and what is not. Atomic Learning could also assist in this process.

Communication with parents is always important, and sharing the topic of digital citizenship with them is probably something that also needs to be done. Each September we have a Back to School Night (Open House) where parents visit each teacher. As it is now, I already discuss the research papers in length, due to their importance and weight towards their averages. In addition to what I already discuss, I could show them on the ActiveBoard a snippet of what I am going to show the kids. I can also post it on my webpage so that parents that weren't able to attend the event or want to review it with their kids may have the option to do so.

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