Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool #2 -

For blogs to follow, I chose people I used to coach with, friends throughout the school, and fellow English Department members who are all in the process of learning/completing 11 Tools assigned to us by the district.  It is fun to see how they have designed their blogs and to look at the different people that are following them, too.  I do wonder, though, why we are being told to do blogs since I recently heard somewhere (and through the comments of students) that blogging is considered to be a thing of the past??

This process has has been helpful, as it is always helpful to learn something new.  I will say that I am feeling quite overwhelmed, though, due to the large amount of things thrown on us at one time.  I don't think we are being given enough time to "enjoy the ride" as we learn? In all, personal learning networks can be beneficial, and sharing with other teachers and organizations can freshen up a classroom.  

Some of my colleagues were discussing the fact that it would be a good thing if we were consistent in  visiting/revisiting the blogs of our department, especially our specific teams. I have absolutely no idea of other blogs (other than the mommy blogs I look at once in a while) to view, so someone in my team suggested one from major news publications.  They tend to be more up to date and deal with the nation as opposed to what the state is currently trying to push?  

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